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Latest Podcasts

Panel Podcast - Has economic growth momentum...

Article | Podcasts | 21/09/2021

A combination of the Delta variant, supply chain friction and weaker consumer confidence, has hit growth momentum around the world. Has the recovery been derailed or just delayed?

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 20th September...

Article | Podcasts | 20/09/2021

Financial markets were in ‘wait and see’ mode, drifting lower on downbeat data and lack of positive stimulus.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 13th September...

Article | Podcasts | 13/09/2021

Equities were fairly subdued, although Chinese markets were boosted by stronger than expected trade data and a positive call between the US and Chinese presidents.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 6th September...

Article | Podcasts | 06/09/2021

On the radar this week, Chinese data should give further insight into the Chinese economy, and the European Central Bank will provide its latest interest rate decision.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Tuesday 31st August...

Article | Podcasts | 31/08/2021

Equity markets rallied further, on hints from the US Federal Reserve chairman that pandemic-era monetary stimulus could be dialled back by year end. This week brings PMI data from across the globe, likely to hold recent highs, while US employment data should demonstrate continued labour market strength.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 23rd August...

Article | Podcasts | 23/08/2021

Equity markets were rattled by fears of diminishing central bank support and increasing regulatory pressure, while bond markets remained calm. This week brings the Jackson Hole Symposium, where the world’s central bankers will discuss the continuing pathway out of the global pandemic.

Panel Podcast - Delta applies the brakes?

Article | Podcasts | 19/08/2021

Early in 2021 financial markets switched focus from the benefits of reflation, or recovery from the pandemic, to inflation and its potential to damage asset prices. That focus could be set to flip again, this time from inflation to a possible check on recovery growth. And the culprit? The Delta variant of Covid-19.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 16th August...

Article | Podcasts | 16/08/2021

US equity markets were boosted by bipartisan approval of the $1 trillion Infrastructure plan, while China detailed greater regulatory oversight of key parts of the economy.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 9th August...

Article | Podcasts | 09/08/2021

Equity markets responded positively to indicators of better economic growth, while bond markets held on to the belief in ‘lower for longer’ interest rates. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 2nd August...

Article | Podcasts | 02/08/2021

Equity markets were rattled by growth fears, as US Q2 GDP missed forecasts, and China’s tech sector was hit by renewed regulatory pressure. This week’s PMI reports should indicate evolving growth expectations in the world’s major economies.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 19th July...

Article | Podcasts | 19/07/2021

US Treasury markets reacted calmly, as the June CPI inflation data beat expectations to reach a thirteen year high. This week’s ECB meeting should shed light on average inflation targeting plans, while Flash PMI data will indicate the current state of global business sentiment.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 12th July...

Article | Podcasts | 12/07/2021

Government bonds rallied and yields fell sharply, as the reflation trade lost steam and markets sensed the peak in GDP growth acceleration. This week brings the start of Q2 reporting season in the US, which could tell a similar story on recovery earnings growth.

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