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A full back catalogue of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from Architas and our global partners covering a variety of key topics on investments, multi-manager investing, financial markets, macroeconomics, ESG and Megatrends to aid your investment journey and broaden your knowledge.

Archinomics Monthly - July 2022

Article | Investments | 05/08/2022

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 75 basis points for the second time in two months, taking them to a range of 2.25% to 2.5% - a level that is considered to be ‘neutral’ for the economy. 

Shrinkflation - what's the big story?

Article | Investments | 02/08/2022

Research in the UK showed that over 2,500 products shrank over a 5 year period, while only 614 got bigger. Welcome to the world of shrinkflation. We take a look at the serious side of a rather odd word.

Monthly Review - July 2022

Article | Investments | 02/08/2022

Although little known in global markets, Chinese auto maker BYD has taken the World No 1 slot for sales of electric vehicles. The company, whose name stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’, has leapfrogged the ambitions of established car manufacturers such as VW or Ford to beat Tesla into second place.

The View - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 07/07/2022

Recession fears mounted for the US and European economies, whereas China rebounded following easing of Covid lockdowns. Central bank policy showed a marked West/East split, as the US and Europe flagged increasingly aggressive interest rate hikes to address inflation.

Bullwhip effect - what's the big story?

Article | Investments | 04/07/2022

The disruption to global supply chains, caused by the pandemic, was an early harbinger of the soaring prices that have fuelled multi-decade highs in inflation. We take a look at the phenomenon known as the ‘bullwhip effect’.

Monthly Review - June 2022

Article | Investments | 04/07/2022

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) hiked interest rates by 75 basis points and sent financial markets reeling. Not least because a 50 basis points hike had been signalled. 

Archinomics Monthly - June 2022

Article | Investments | 04/07/2022

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 75 basis points in June, its largest single increase since 1994, and indicated that another substantial rate hike would likely be needed in July.

Archinomics Monthly - May 2022

Article | Investments | 07/06/2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) came under rising pressure to exit the negative interest rate policy it has held since 2014, with the first rate rise expected as early as July.

Shrinking the balance sheet - what's the big...

Article | Investments | 01/06/2022

A reduction of the US Fed’s swollen balance sheet has long been debated and so far postponed. But what would such action entail and how could this impact the economy and financial markets? 

Monthly Review - May 2022

Article | Investments | 01/06/2022

Saudi Aramco became the world’s biggest company once again, pushing Apple from the top slot. The petrochemicals group announced Q1 profits up 82%. The recent oil price spike, caused by war in Ukraine, means more money is earned for every barrel pumped.

The greenflation challenge

Article | Investments | 19/05/2022

The energy challenge: although the world is committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, we haven’t invested enough in zero-carbon substitutes. Worryingly, the pace of progress isn’t moving quickly enough to meet the world’s rising energy demand.

Cost averaging

Article | Investments | 17/05/2022

As with any investment journey, there are periods when prices can fall as well as rise. Trying to capture the right time to sell or buy can be both difficult and stressful. That’s where cost averaging comes in. It’s an investment approach with the goal of reducing the impact of volatility on large investments.

Ukraine latest - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 11/05/2022

The war in Ukraine has entered its third month, with Russian forces sustaining continued heavy losses in the Donbas region. The EU (European Union) is working on a sixth round of sanctions against Russia, including a phased-in ban on imports of Russian oil by year end.

Archinomics Monthly - April 2022

Article | Investments | 05/05/2022

In China, the lockdown in Shanghai entered a second month and fears grew that Beijing could also be placed into lockdown. China’s zero-Covid policy could mean further supply chain disruption and might threaten the country’s 5.5% growth target for 2022. 

Deglobalisation - what's the big story?

Article | Investments | 03/05/2022

Recent geopolitical events, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, have fractured the carefully constructed networks of production and supply across the globe. But will their dismantling drive inflation higher?

Monthly Review - April 2022

Article | Investments | 03/05/2022

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has succeeded in his $44 billion takeover bid for Twitter. The deal, to include over $20 billion in cash, becomes the biggest leveraged buyout in history. 

Ukraine latest - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 13/04/2022

After Russian troops withdrew from the area surrounding the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the focus of military action has switched to the Donbas region. The economic war has continued to escalate, however, with further sanctions on the Russian economy and on certain individuals.

Archinomics Monthly - March 2022

Article | Investments | 06/04/2022

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine entered its second month. Russia, which has failed to take Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, says it will now focus on the contested Donbas region.

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