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A full back catalogue of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from Architas and our global partners covering a variety of key topics on investments, multi-manager investing, financial markets, macroeconomics, ESG and Megatrends to aid your investment journey and broaden your knowledge.

The greenflation challenge

Article | Investments | 19/05/2022

The energy challenge: although the world is committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, we haven’t invested enough in zero-carbon substitutes. Worryingly, the pace of progress isn’t moving quickly enough to meet the world’s rising energy demand.

Cost averaging

Article | Investments | 17/05/2022

As with any investment journey, there are periods when prices can fall as well as rise. Trying to capture the right time to sell or buy can be both difficult and stressful. That’s where cost averaging comes in. It’s an investment approach with the goal of reducing the impact of volatility on large investments.

Ukraine latest - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 11/05/2022

The war in Ukraine has entered its third month, with Russian forces sustaining continued heavy losses in the Donbas region. The EU (European Union) is working on a sixth round of sanctions against Russia, including a phased-in ban on imports of Russian oil by year end.

Archinomics Monthly - April 2022

Article | Investments | 05/05/2022

In China, the lockdown in Shanghai entered a second month and fears grew that Beijing could also be placed into lockdown. China’s zero-Covid policy could mean further supply chain disruption and might threaten the country’s 5.5% growth target for 2022. 

Deglobalisation - what's the big story?

Article | Investments | 03/05/2022

Recent geopolitical events, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, have fractured the carefully constructed networks of production and supply across the globe. But will their dismantling drive inflation higher?

Monthly Review - April 2022

Article | Investments | 03/05/2022

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has succeeded in his $44 billion takeover bid for Twitter. The deal, to include over $20 billion in cash, becomes the biggest leveraged buyout in history. 

Ukraine latest - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 13/04/2022

After Russian troops withdrew from the area surrounding the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the focus of military action has switched to the Donbas region. The economic war has continued to escalate, however, with further sanctions on the Russian economy and on certain individuals.

Archinomics Monthly - March 2022

Article | Investments | 06/04/2022

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine entered its second month. Russia, which has failed to take Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, says it will now focus on the contested Donbas region.

Close Look: Rare earth metals - what's the big...

Article | Investments | 01/04/2022

The term rare earth metals or simply ‘rare earths’ is applied to a group of seventeen elements, some of which are critical in enabling our energy transition away from fossil fuels. We dig deeper to uncover their strategic value.

Monthly Review - March 2022

Article | Investments | 01/04/2022

After embargoes were slapped on oil exports, Russia closed down a crucial pipeline, apparently for essential repairs. It’s the classic supply squeeze. And when supply is constricted, prices rise.

The history of long-term investing

Article | Investments | 21/03/2022

Over the years there have been many events that have had large impacts on financial markets, however the long-term trend for market performance has continued to remain positive.

Embedded inflation

Article | Investments | 17/03/2022

We take a look at how inflation becomes embedded, how recent events could contribute to this trend and how this raises the temperature of financial markets.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 14th March 2022

Article | Investments | 14/03/2022

A growing number of companies moved to suspend sales/operations in Russia. President Biden banned the import of Russian oil and gas; the UK said it would phase out all Russian oil imports by the end of this year; and the EU said it would cut Russian gas imports by two-thirds within a year.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 7th March 2022

Article | Investments | 07/03/2022

European leaders looked to move rapidly to wean their economies off Russian gas, turning their focus to renewable energy sources, as the International Energy Agency urged the EU not to sign new supply agreements.

Archinomics Monthly - February 2022

Article | Investments | 04/03/2022

Russia invaded Ukraine, causing shock waves around the world. Major economies responded with sweeping sanctions, including preventing Russia’s central bank from using its reserves and banning certain Russian lenders from the global payments system Swift.

How diversification can smooth the bumpy road

Article | Investments | 03/03/2022

It is difficult to predict which asset classes will be the best performers. Most investment specialists agree about the benefits of spreading your money across different investments. 

The data which can help you keep a cool investing...

Article | Investments | 02/03/2022

Four bite-sized pieces of research showing investors are best served not making impulsive decisions at times of heightened geopolitical tensions.

Close Look: Cyber security - what's the big...

Article | Investments | 02/03/2022

The pace of digital transformation has left the systems and infrastructure of corporations and nation states vulnerable to attack. Cyber security aims both to detect attacks and to protect critical data. We zoom in on this very 21st century phenomenon.

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