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A full back catalogue of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from Architas and our global partners covering a variety of key topics on investments, multi-manager investing, financial markets, macroeconomics, ESG and Megatrends to aid your investment journey and broaden your knowledge.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 20th September 2021

Article | Investments | 20/09/2021

Most major stock markets fell last week, as concerns over Covid-19 and economic growth dampened risk sentiment.

Archinomics Monthly - August 2021

Article | Investments | 17/09/2021

China continued to impose its regulatory clampdown on a widening spread of sectors, from education and tech, to prescription medicine and alcohol, with a view to enhancing ‘common prosperity’. Equities in the targeted sectors fell sharply in response.  

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 13th September 2021

Article | Investments | 13/09/2021

US equity markets turned more downbeat, on growth and inflation concerns. European markets also edged lower, pulled down by regional economic uncertainty.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 6th September 2021

Article | Investments | 06/09/2021

US stock markets hit all-time highs again last week, led by the tech-focused Nasdaq. European markets were also slightly higher. It was a stronger week for Asian and emerging markets, with China gaining 1.7% and Japan’s Nikkei 225 rising 5.4%.  

Close Look: Financial decoupling - what's the big...

Article | Investments | 03/09/2021

The world’s two major economies, the US and China, are pulling apart. After many decades of moving in tandem on trade, it’s been called ‘financial decoupling’. Some claim that the tariff wars of the Trump presidency were the beginning of the end, but China has long been preparing for the split.

Monthly Review - August 2021

Article | Investments | 03/09/2021

President Biden has signed an order for 50% of all US new car sales to be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The aim is to slash emissions from transport, the major contributor at almost 30% of the US total. It is perhaps a tall order, as the current EV market share is only 2%, the majority being high end Teslas.

Archinomics Weekly - Tuesday 31st August 2021

Article | Investments | 31/08/2021

The US dollar weakened against most majors, as the Federal Reserve gave no clear timing on tapering plans. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 23rd August 2021

Article | Investments | 23/08/2021

US equity markets were troubled by hints that the Federal Reserve (Fed) might begin tapering its bond buying programme before the end of the year, although the Nasdaq outperformed. European markets fell sharply on growth recovery fears, prompted by the spread of the Delta variant.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 16th August 2021

Article | Investments | 16/08/2021

Markets will look to the Federal Reserve’s FOMC minutes and the latest US retail sales data for direction, while a flurry of retail earnings could keep the focus on consumer strength. 

When OT meets IT: Bridging the cybersecurity gap...

Article | Investments | 10/08/2021

All crises tend to expose vulnerabilities and accelerate transformation. The uniqueness from which the Covid-19 crisis has stemmed has shone a new light on the potential disruption to operational and technological infrastructure, as an increasingly connected world has had to operate remotely.

Archinomics Monthly - July 2021

Article | Investments | 10/08/2021

July was a positive month for most developed stock markets, with the US and Europe both hitting new all-time highs on the back of strong corporate earnings. The euro rose against the dollar, but fell against sterling and the Japanese yen. The Japanese yen enjoyed a strong month, rising against the euro, dollar and sterling. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 9th August 2021

Article | Investments | 09/08/2021

Oil saw volatile trading, suffering its sharpest weekly decline so far this year. Gold fell almost 3%, as bond yields moved higher.

Close Look:Central bank digital currencies -...

Article | Investments | 04/08/2021

Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs for short, have been called ‘a concept whose time has come’. Ironically for an age when cryptocurrencies or ‘decentralised finance’ are on the rise, it seems that major central banks are exploring the merits of digital versions of their own currencies.

Monthly Review - July 2021

Article | Investments | 04/08/2021

A key challenge for global central banks remains the sharp spike in inflation. Driven by used cars, travel and lodging, US inflation shot up by 5.4% in June. That’s the highest for 13 years. If higher inflation takes hold, the US Federal Reserve might have to act aggressively to slam the overheating economy into reverse.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 2nd August 2021

Article | Investments | 02/08/2021

Global equity market sentiment ended the week on a downbeat note, despite the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) cooling of tapering expectations. In the US, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite all closed lower. European equities were mixed amid global growth fears. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 26th July 2021

Article | Investments | 26/07/2021

Japanese indices fell on fears that the Olympic Games would worsen the spread of the Delta variant, while in China large cap indices underperformed slightly.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 19th July 2021

Article | Investments | 19/07/2021

US Treasuries reacted calmly to the inflation figure, as yields slipped slightly, and prices rose, for longer-dated bonds. Core eurozone yields also fell. 

The View: Summer 2021 edition

Article | Investments | 16/07/2021

The Summer edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 12th July 2021

Article | Investments | 12/07/2021

US equities once again hit record levels, pulled higher by the interest rate sensitive real estate sector. Eurozone markets ended the week little changed after dipping on growth concerns, as Covid-19 infection rates climbed

Archinomics Monthly - June 2021

Article | Investments | 12/07/2021

President Biden gained bipartisan support for the first phase of his infrastructure bill, worth $1 trillion. The package will focus on traditional elements, such as roads and bridges, and could add as much as 1 percentage point to GDP growth.

Close Look: Big data - what’s the big story?

Article | Investments | 08/07/2021

Data has proved to be a very valuable commodity in the 21st century. And big data even more so. Characterised by the 3 Vs, that is volume, variety and velocity, a new service industry has built up around the collection, collation and analysis of big data. 

Monthly Review - June 2021

Article | Investments | 07/07/2021

The G7 group of nations has agreed a deal for a global minimum tax rate of at least 15%. The new rules will see the largest and most profitable companies paying tax in the countries where they do business, not just where they are registered.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 5th July 2021

Article | Investments | 05/07/2021

In the US, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq hit new highs and logged a fifth consecutive positive quarter. European markets were weakened by concerns that inflationary pressures could bring forward interest rate hikes. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 28th June 2021

Article | Investments | 28/06/2021

Financial markets recovered this past week in the aftermath of updated commentary from the US Federal Reserve (Fed). The S&P 500 rose 2.74% hitting an all-time high on Friday as President Joe Biden’s infrastructure stimulus plan boosted reflation optimism.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 21st June 2021

Article | Investments | 21/06/2021

Federal Reserve comments about the possibility of raising interest rates and tapering monetary support caused volatility in the stock markets. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 7th June 2021

Article | Investments | 07/06/2021

US equity markets crept higher, boosted by strong macro data and led by the energy sector. European markets also advanced, although were held in check by inflationary fears. 

Close Look: Commodities supercycle - what’s the...

Article | Investments | 03/06/2021

A synchronised recovery of the world’s major economies, boosted by huge rescue packages, has sucked demand for raw materials higher. Prices of commodities from oil to copper and from iron ore to timber have soared, with some touching record levels.

Monthly Review - May 2021

Article | Investments | 03/06/2021

The minutes of the US Federal Reserve’s latest meeting showed some members proposed a plan for broaching the subject with the markets. And that could be as early as the end of this year. 

Archinomics Weekly - Tuesday 1st June 2021

Article | Investments | 01/06/2021

In Europe, the DAX 30, CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50 all hit record highs, as markets closed a fourth successive month of gains. 

Copper - the green metal

Article | Investments | 26/05/2021

As economies reopen, demand for copper will naturally grow. This versatile metal is widely used in the construction and infrastructure industries, making it a good bellwether for the strength of the world economy. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 24th May 2021

Article | Investments | 24/05/2021

In Europe, most regional stock markets ended the week higher, while the UK’s FTSE 100 fell 0.4%.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 17th May 2021

Article | Investments | 17/05/2021

US markets came off record highs as core inflation surprised on the upside. The Nasdaq was particularly hard hit. 

Archinomics Monthly - April 2021

Article | Investments | 14/05/2021

Vaccination programmes against Covid-19 accelerated in Europe and continued apace in the US, the UK and Israel, prompting speculation that herd immunity might have been attained. Meanwhile a new variant sent infection rates to record levels in India.

Close look: PMI data - what’s the big story?

Article | Investments | 07/05/2021

As the global economy roars back to life, the monthly announcements of PMI data are closely scrutinised. These data shed light on current economic trends and, crucially at this point, the strength of the recovery. But what does this familiar three letter acronym stand for and what do the data actually represent?

Monthly Review - April 2021

Article | Investments | 05/05/2021

Joe Biden completed his first hundred days as president of the United States.  We look at what he has delivered so far.

Archinomics Weekly - Tuesday 4th May 2021

Article | Investments | 04/05/2021

Government bond prices in the US, UK and Europe were all weaker last week (and yields rose). In Europe, yields rose on the back of high German inflation data and concerns that the Federal Reserve could taper its bond-buying programme.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 26th April 2021

Article | Investments | 26/04/2021

Equity markets around the globe struggled to make headway, in the face of a resurgence of Covid-19 outbreaks.

The View: Spring 2021 edition

Article | Investments | 22/04/2021

The Spring edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 19th April 2021

Article | Investments | 19/04/2021

Nearly all major stock markets rose last week. In the US, the S&P 500 gained 1.4% on the back of promising retail sales and unemployment data.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 12th April 2021

Article | Investments | 12/04/2021

US markets powered ahead, led by the Nasdaq, as tech stocks rallied. 

Monthly Review - March 2021

Article | Investments | 07/04/2021

After a high-flying year in 2020, as one of the key beneficiaries of global lockdowns, the tech sector has encountered a spell of turbulence.

Archinomics Weekly - Tuesday 6th April 2021

Article | Investments | 06/04/2021

The S&P 500 crossed the 4,000 mark, buoyed by President Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure investment plan, as the US vaccine rollout continued to beat targets.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 29th March 2021

Article | Investments | 29/03/2021

US stock markets finished the week in positive territory, as investors weighed up the reopening of the American economy with growing inflation concerns. European stock markets were mostly positive, although France’s CAC 40 index fell 0.8%. 

Inflation and investments

Article | Investments | 25/03/2021

Confidence in a post-pandemic recovery is growing, boosted by vaccines and stimulus packages. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 22nd March 2021

Article | Investments | 22/03/2021

Nearly all global stock markets rose last week. In the US, sentiment improved as a $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus package was approved, and the latest Consumer Prices Index (CPI) data came in below expectations, helping to ease investors’ fears over inflation

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 15th March 2021

Article | Investments | 15/03/2021

Nearly all global stock markets rose last week. In the US, sentiment improved as a $1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus package was approved, and the latest Consumer Prices Index (CPI) data came in below expectations, helping to ease investors’ fears over inflation

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 8th March 2021

Article | Investments | 08/03/2021

Bond market inflation fears continued to rattle highly valued equity markets.

Archinomics Weekly 01.03.2021

Article | Investments | 01/03/2021

Inflation fears rocked US Treasury bond markets, triggering a widespread bout of volatility.

Archinomics Weekly 22.02.2021

Article | Investments | 22/02/2021

Equity and commodity markets remained strong, while bond markets expressed fear over future inflation.

Monthly Review - January 2021

Article | Investments | 08/02/2021

We look back at what events and people shaped markets globally in January.  We discuss Janet Yellen, formerly Chair of the US Federal Reserve now fronting Joe Biden's Recovery Plan,  Elon Musk becoming the world's richest person,  the importance of copper in sustainable technology and we take a deeper look into Bitcoin.

Monthly Review - February 2021

Article | Investments | 08/02/2021

The day traders’ revolt stayed in the headlines. Fuelled by chat on the social website Reddit and using no fee trading platforms such as Robinhood, the little man was briefly able to take on giant hedge funds and win. In a classic ‘short squeeze’, day traders acted against short positions in stocks including GameStop. 

The View: Winter 2020 edition

Article | Investments | 28/01/2021

The Winter edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

Close look - December 2020

Article | Investments | 13/01/2021

The titans of the US tech sector, household names such as Facebook, Amazon and Google, have been described as ‘too big to care’.  But the rush by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to limit their dominant positions should now be ringing alarm bells. 

The annual review of 2020

Article | Investments | 29/12/2020

2020 has been called 'a year to forget', as the Covid-19 pandemic locked down economies and the world waited for news of a vaccine. Financial markets were boosted by vast rescue packages. We present the pick of the Quick Looks as the year unwound.

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