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Our cookie policy

This website is owned by Architas Limited. Here is our cookie policy for this site and the types of cookies we use on it.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites place on the device you’re using to browse the site. Cookies are commonly used to record some aspect of your visit to a site, such as choices you’ve made or preferences you’ve set during your visit.

How and why we use cookies

We use cookies to give you the best experience when you visit our website. By using cookies, we can make it easier for you to do many things, such as managing your accounts, policies, or login details, and applying for products and services. Cookies can also allow us to tailor the content of our website so we can show you services or adverts we think you may be interested in.

Keeping your personal information safe

Our cookies do not store personal information such as your name, address, or phone number in a format that can be read by others. The cookies we use cannot read or search your computer, smartphone or web-enabled device to obtain information about you or your family, or read any material kept on your hard drive.

We do use a small number of cookies that store encrypted versions of information where you have asked us to, such as the function that allows us to remember your Account username for subsequent visits. However, this is encrypted so that only Architas Limited can read this information.

The website that places a cookie owns that cookie. This means only that website and other sites that it has agreed to share information with can read the information stored using a cookie.

Links to sites provided by others

If you follow a link from our website to another website, please be aware that the owner of the other website will have their own privacy and cookie policies for their site. We recommend you read their policies as we are not responsible or liable for what happens at their site.

How to manage and switch off cookies

We currently use Trustcommander to allow you to manage your cookies via the pop out dialogue box at your entry point to the Architas website. You can change these at any time using the Cookie Management link in the footer. You can also use your web browser’s own settings as these allow you to manage or switch off all cookies. If you do switch off cookies, remember that you may not be able to use all of the services and functionality available on our website.

You can find out more about managing and switching off cookies at the independent website:

The types of cookies we use on this site

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for our online services and tools to work. They collect or record information that we need to make our site work.

Common uses for this type of cookie include:

•    storing information so that shopping baskets can be provided

•    storing information for e-billing

•    allowing users to log in or access private areas of a site.

These cookies only last for a single browsing session – when you leave our site, they are removed.

Performance cookies

These cookies help us to monitor and improve how our website works.

Common uses for this type of cookie include:

•    collecting information about which pages visitors go to most often

•    noting if visitors get any error messages from web pages

•    understanding which links visitors like to follow (including adverts) and which they choose not to.

The information collected using these cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to identify an individual visitor.

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow us to provide you with enhanced features that need to remember your preferences and choices, such as your user name, language or region. They also let us monitor how our website is performing so we can keep on improving it.

Common uses for this type of cookie include:

•    remembering how you like to use our site, such as what text size you like or what media software you use

•    remembering what topics you’re interested in so we can provide you with related products, services and information.

The information we store in these cookies is encrypted so that only we can read it.

Targeting and advertising cookies

These cookies are used so that adverts provided to you are more relevant to you and to limit the number of times you see an advert. They may also be used for market research and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

These cookies work by remembering the sorts of topics you’ve looked at using this to provide our own advertisements or to share the information with advertisers.

We are currently not using targeting and advertising cookies on this website. Only performance and strictly neccessary.

List of Cookies deposited by Architas and deposited by third parties.
Cookie issuer Cookie Purpose of Cookie Cookie lifetime
Cookies placed by third parties      
Google Analytics ga Audience measurement 13 months 
Google Analytics _gid Audience measurement 24 hours
Google Analytics AMP_TOKEN Audience measurement 1 hour
Google Analytics _gac_UA-XXXXXX-XX Audience measurement 90 days
Google Analytics _gat Audience measurement 1 minute
TagCommander/ Trrustcommander TC_OPTOUT Functional 396 days
TagCommander/ Trrustcommander TC_OPTOUT_categories Functional 396 days
TagCommander/ Trrustcommander TC_PRIVACY Functional 396 days
TagCommander/ Trrustcommander TC_PRIVACY_CENTER Functional 396 days
TagCommander/ Trrustcommander TCSESSION Functional Session
Cookies issued by Architas via Optimizely (Episerver) web application and Microsoft Azure)      
 Architas /MS Azure  ARRAffinity  Functional  Session
 Architas /MS Azure  ARRAffinitySameSite  Functional  Session
 Architas /MS Azure  AI_buffer  Functional  396 days
 Architas /MS Azure  ai_user  Functional  396 days
 Architas /MS Azure  ai_session  Functional  Session
 Architas/Web server  ASP.NET_SessionId  Functional  Session
 Architas/Optimizely (Episerver) (Sets country status)  CountryCode  Functional  365 days
  Architas/Optimizely (Episerver) (Sets audience status)  PageDisclaimer  Functional  365 days
 Architas/Episerver (Sets root default/home page)   SiteUrl  Functional  365 days
Architas/Episerver (Cookie accepted on Global site – will be deactivated when Trustcommander implemented) cookiesAccepted Functional 365 days



We use cookies to give you the best possible experience of our website. If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. See our cookie policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them.