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Access a range of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from our expert team at Architas and our leading, global fund group partners. You will find information on a variety of topics such as financial markets, multi-manager investing, macroeconomics, responsible investing and ESG and themes such as Megatrends to help keep you up to speed on the latest news and views.

On the investment radar 2024: How fast and how...

Article | Podcasts | 07/12/2023

Markets are approaching year end in confident mood, anticipating interest rate cuts in the first half of next year. Despite western central banks’ repetition of the ‘higher for longer’ mantra, hopes are rising over the timing of the first cut and how quickly rates will then fall.

Archinomics Monthly - November 2023

Article | Investments | 05/12/2023

Inflation surprised on the downside. US inflation fell to 3.2% in October while early estimates showed eurozone inflation declined to 2.4% in November. UK inflation, recently stickier than most, slowed sharply to 4.6% in October, while the Chinese economy fell back into deflation with prices falling 0.2% year on year.

Soft landing: what’s the big story?

Article | Investments | 04/12/2023

The latest financial market strength has been fuelled by a growing belief that major economies could enjoy a soft landing. What does this mean? In essence, it is the view that they will avoid any predicted recession, instead gliding gently into a period of lower growth with fewer inflationary pressures.

Monthly Review - November 2023

Article | Investments | 04/12/2023

Equity and bond markets enjoyed a surprisingly sharp rally. Why now? It’s all to do with the perception of softer messaging from the US Federal Reserve (Fed). Markets have taken the ‘higher for longer’ interest rate plateau on board and are looking for the next move in rates to be downwards.

The end of obesity

Article | Market updates | 29/11/2023

During September 2023, Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk overtook Frances’s luxury conglomerate LVMH to become Europe’s largest company by market capitalisation. This was the result of a tripling in Novo Nordisk’s share price over the past three years, with the company’s value matching Denmark’s 2021 GDP.

Responsible spotlight - November 2023

Article | ESG | 20/11/2023

The 2018 bestseller ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling seeks to counterbalance some of the pessimism about the state of the world. It provides numerous examples of how global trends are continuing to improve.

Panel Podcast - No hard landings?

Article | Podcasts | 16/11/2023

Markets are hopeful that the threat of recession has faded, giving rise to a risk on rally. Indeed growth forecasts for the major economies are seeing consistent upward revisions.

The View - asset allocation update

Article | Investments | 15/11/2023

US third quarter GDP data released at October month-end rose by 4.9%, its fastest rate of growth since Q4 2021. Domestic consumer spending was supportive, reflecting healthy wage growth.

Archinomics Monthly - October 2023

Article | Investments | 06/11/2023

Tensions mounted in the Middle East, sparking fears of a broader conflict in the region. Financial markets responded, with equity markets dogged by uncertainty, while gold performed strongly.

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Access our archive of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from our expert team at Architas and our leading, global fund group partners.

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