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Access a range of articles, podcasts, videos and useful materials from our expert team at Architas and our leading, global fund group partners. You will find information on a variety of topics such as financial markets, multi-manager investing, macroeconomics, responsible investing and ESG and themes such as Megatrends to help keep you up to speed on the latest news and views.

Why the going is about to get tougher for...

Article | ESG | 15/04/2021

2020 was an extraordinary year for climate change action. Public opinion, governments, businesses and financial markets all had major shifts in their appreciation of the urgent need to address the climate crisis. 

Partner insight from Schroders Investment Management

Responsible Spotlight - April 2021

Article | ESG | 15/04/2021

New facts and insights from the world of responsible investing, available to you every month.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 12th April 2021

Article | Investments | 12/04/2021

US markets powered ahead, led by the Nasdaq, as tech stocks rallied. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 12th April...

Article | Podcasts | 12/04/2021

Equities rallied as government bond markets were reassured by the US Federal Reserve, with the tech heavy Nasdaq index at the forefront of gains. This week the focus will be on US inflation and retail sales data, as well as the expected rebound in China’s GDP after the pandemic-struck first quarter of 2020.

Smart data centres: a green real estate...

Article | ESG | 08/04/2021

The expansion of the digital economy is fuelling demand for data centres, but also raising concerns about their energy use. The solution to this problem comes in the form of an attractive green real estate investment. 

Partner insight from Pictet Asset Management

Monthly Review - March 2021

Article | Investments | 07/04/2021

After a high-flying year in 2020, as one of the key beneficiaries of global lockdowns, the tech sector has encountered a spell of turbulence.

Archinomics Weekly - Tuesday 6th April 2021

Article | Investments | 06/04/2021

The S&P 500 crossed the 4,000 mark, buoyed by President Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure investment plan, as the US vaccine rollout continued to beat targets.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Tuesday 6th April...

Article | Podcasts | 06/04/2021

President Biden’s infrastructure stimulus package, worth $2.25 trillion, stole the headlines and will be much debated in Congress over the coming week. Elsewhere, as strong survey data came through, China’s currency fell to the lowest point since the trade war with the US, on expectations that monetary stimulus measures will soon be withdrawn.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 29th March 2021

Article | Investments | 29/03/2021

US stock markets finished the week in positive territory, as investors weighed up the reopening of the American economy with growing inflation concerns. European stock markets were mostly positive, although France’s CAC 40 index fell 0.8%. 

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