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The View: Winter 2020 edition

8 months ago

Nearly all major asset classes rose over the quarter. Equities led the way, boosted by expectations of improved economic growth as a number of Covid-19 vaccines showed positive results and were submitted for approval.

The Winter edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

With the global economy struggling during the pandemic, governments and central banks have been committed to a steady process of ‘reflation’— stimulus aimed at returning a weakened economy back toward normal, healthy levels. We delve into reflation strategies and highlight key takeaway points.

 The titans of the US tech sector, household names such as Facebook, Amazon and Google, have been described as ‘too big to care.’ But the rush by regulators on both sides of the Atlantic to limit their dominant positions should now be ringing alarm bells. The threatened penalties, both fines and disposals, could cut these giants down to size. We take a look at the issues and the consequences.

 Using multi-asset funds to get started is a solution growing in popularity if you are considering a longer-term investment of five years or more. Here we outline the top five benefits to this style of investing.

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