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Markets in 2018 | CIO views

Article | [Missing text '/category/educational' for 'English (United Kingdom)'] | 06/04/2018

Good news! Jaime Arguello, the Chief Investment Officer of Architas, has had a few thoughts on that score in this video

Closelook: Davos – On top of the mountain

Article | [Missing text '/category/educational' for 'English (United Kingdom)'] | 06/04/2018

It's always the same thing every year. The world's most influential people gather at an altitude of 1,500 meters in order to take a view on the future of the world and how to make it better. This is the World Economic Forum in Davos. Here is a brief guide to the "Cannes Film Festival" of the global

Closelook: A bitcoin odyssey

Article | [Missing text '/category/educational' for 'English (United Kingdom)'] | 06/04/2018

Bitcoin has been all over the news recently. It’s easy to see why. In 2017 it increased in value 14-fold. Is the excitement valid or a bubble destined to burst? Here are 5 points to help cut through the hype… What is it? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.  It is a medium of exchange to buy and sell things

About fund of funds

Article | [Missing text '/category/educational' for 'English (United Kingdom)'] | 12/03/2018

Many of our investment solutions involve fund of funds. So what exactly are they?

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