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Why Architas

We help people through our expertise in multi-manager investing. This means we select other funds or fund managers to create well-diversified portfolios. But what are the benefits of this approach to investing? And what sets up apart from others?


What's different about us?


As multi-managers, we focus on blending some of the finest investment talent available globally. We don’t pick stocks. We pick the stock-pickers.


Managing risk is central to what we do. Our solutions readily adapt to changing market conditions, actively controlling the level of risk faced by investors.


As part of the AXA Group, we benefit from its scale and financial muscle. We combine this with the entrepreneurial spirit of an independent start-up.


As part of the AXA Group, we benefit from its scale and financial muscle. We combine this with the entrepreneurial spirit of an independent start-up.

Why multi-management?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with our approach to investing. This involves spreading investments across different fund managers and different types of asset.

Always remember that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. As a result, there is the possibility of getting back less money than you put in. 

Diversification lies at the heart of our investment solutions. We do not believe that any one manager or class of asset will perform consistently well all of the time. There will be highs and lows in performance over different periods.  So, we don’t put your eggs into one basket.

By selecting different funds, we spread investment risk across different managers, geographic regions and types of asset (such as bonds, shares and property). Bringing together funds that behave differently in varying market conditions helps build a resilient investment portfolio.

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With thousands of funds to choose from, it’s a serious challenge picking the most suitable. Not everyone can see the wood for the trees.

Our choices are based on painstaking research. Each member of our investment team has specialist areas of expertise. All together, they hold around 1,000 meetings each year around the world with fund managers. They also use a number of sophisticated tools and systems to research and monitor funds.

The upshot is that we only select a manager after gaining a solid understanding of how they add value, and the role they can play in our portfolios.

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With ties to one of world’s biggest insurance companies, it’s no surprise we know a thing or two about risk. We have teams dedicated to the task of monitoring and managing the level of risk faced by our clients. This is done in a number of ways, such as…


  • Choosing different managers within our portfolios who have different styles, to make sure we do not invest too much in any one area
  • by regularly monitoring and re-balancing underlying investments. This ensures that each of our fund of funds is invested in a range of assets that, in our view, suits its risk profile

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