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Our solutions

Our clients come in different shapes and sizes. In every case, our services are carefully tailored to their needs. They vary according to region, but typically…

Four types of investment solution…

Fund of funds

A fund which invests in other types of funds, instead of investing directly in bonds, stocks and other types of securities. Often tailored to a specific level of risk.

Model Portfolio

A pre-constructed portfolio of investment funds that meets a specific risk profile and mandate – e.g. growth or income. Similar to a Fund of Funds, but in this case the client purchases and sells the funds themselves.

Fund Advisory

ecommendation and selection of external funds. Architas advises AXA entities (and High Net Worth individuals) on the best external funds for their portfolios. The client chooses whether to follow our selection.

Structured products

Architas Solutions (formerly AXA Life Invest) provides guaranteed and structured products. These guarantee a monetary outcome to customers, regardless of market conditions.

Are inside two types of financial product…

AXA insurance contracts

In most of our European and Asian operations, clients invest money into AXA insurance products, which may be powered by Architas

Investment wrappers

Clients can also choose to invest via standard investment and bank accounts.

Distributed to clients through three channels…


Our multi-manager expertise is integrated into financial products offered by AXA - most notably in France.

Partner institutions

In the UK, Architas multi-manager funds are available through an extensive network of Independent Financial Advisors.

Brokers or Advisors

Architas deals directly with Institutional clients and some High Net Worth individuals.

Architas Investment Partner (IP) began in 2017 to support AXA entities creating multi-manager solutions for retail investors. Additional services are available to our AXA colleagues in several regions.

  1. IP is required to sign off all AXA retail investment products
  2. Can help build new investment products
  3. Provide communication materials
  4. Develop digital tools

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